Human Waste


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The time is nigh!


Humanity is on the brink
In time our kind will go extinct
Our population will not cease
We exponentially increase

But no one seems to give a fuck
And we'll soon be shit out of luck
New generations will despair
And wonder why we didn't care

Comforting lies cannot console
When we face what we can't control
And turn against each other desperately

Keep having babies by the score
Keep on consuming more and more
The world will soon unleash its wrath
If God was real he'd surely laugh

We can’t undo the damage done
And there’s nowhere left to run
Apocalypse will be our fate
We tried too little and too late

Doomed to die by our own device
Forced to pay the ultimate price
It will be a bitter pill to taste
In the end how will we answer
For our crimes as human cancer?
Afterwards we’ll just be human waste


released February 15, 2017
Deeds - nihilist and songsmith



all rights reserved