This Ain't Kawaii (split single with Ryan Manhole)

by Ryan Manhole/Grim Deeds

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What a rare collab! How fab!


released May 7, 2017

Ryan Manhole: weird and good song
Grim Deeds: old but still pretty good song



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GRIM DEEDS California

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Track Name: This Ain't Kawaii - Ryan Manhole
I went with an anime pick from Grim Deed

but except for Lin

and the seeds

it was all:

gross man faces,

feathery football pads

yoked dudes busting bolders

cuz they're mad

Sorry dude, but its no longer '9X

time to lose the way too tight shirt

and fingerbanged pecks

I quickly put in the Love Live! movie and had fun

Honoka reached up into the sky

and grabbed the sun

and there were no:

exploding heads,

calling little girls" bitch"

ugly bald dudes

with Allen wrench spit

I hope we never have a nuke holocaust


it's not cute

just tall, gross and hoss

this ain't kawaii!
Track Name: Fist of the North Star - Grim Deeds
Post apocalyptic age
Live in fear of tyrant's rage
Mankind survived but must fight to stay alive

In Kenshiro there is power
To defeat the warlord Rao
Brothers will duel to determine who will rule

True successor to the art
Fist of the North Star
The Hakuto Shinken
Fist of the North Star whoa oh oh oh
Fist of the North Star
The Hakuto Shinken
You must face your nemesis
The Nanto Seiken master Shin

On a path to certain war
The ground is stained with gore
Man with seven scars is the century's savior

Ryuken will be avenged
Rei will seek just revenge
Death is the cost for sweet Yuria's loss
But the battle rages on

(repeat chorus)